• Easy to add capabilities, competencies, and accomplishments
  • Pre-formatted templates for claims and witness entries
  • Taps into intrinsic motivation. Token payment offered only as gratuity
  • Blockchain-based for full user control and monetization of information
  • API integration with major Job Boards, ATS, and HR systems

How It Works

1. Make a Claim

User enters a Twitter-length description of a capability, competency, or accomplishment they would like a valued client or trusted colleague to validate

2. WITNESS the claim

Witness responds to the request with a brief attestation and adjusts the confidence slider based on the directness of their knowledge about the user's claim

3. ACCEPT Gratuity TOKEN

User saves the entry to their blockchain resume and offers a gratuity to the witness

About EOSwitness

Download EOSwitness today and re-claim control of the information about your lifelong career, validated by the witness of valued clients and trusted colleagues

Concept complete; UI design and website

Build dApp and unit test

Integrated testing and deploy to EOS Testnet

Product launch to EOS Mainnet

Release integration API

Design/Build/Test first HR Technology vendor integrations